Be a great Nanny, not a mathematician.

Clock in with Nanny Shifts, and we do all the math. If you work for 1 family, 2 families, or 15 families, we make the annoying process of tracking hours and getting paid simple. Finally.
Nanny Shifts makes tracking hours and getting paid easy. You can enter multiple families, track hours, create and send invoices and more.

Nanny Shifts iOS app is in private beta, Android is coming soon. Get in touch to help us beta test on iOS.

This Week

Start a shift and watch your earnings go up. The week view gives you a tally of how much you've worked and how much you've made that week.

All Shifts

The All Shifts tab lists all the shifts you've ever worked, how much you made each week, and which families have been invoices for each shift. When you complete a shift, you assign each family a contribution.


Invoicing families has never been easier. When you create an invoice, we automatically assign the selected family's uninvoiced shifts to the invoice, and tally it all up for you. Then we send the family a friendly email.